Our Services

Getting Started

  1. Fill out and submit our Inquiry Contact sheet located at the bottom of our Contact page.

  2. A staff member will reach out to you within 1-2 business days of your submission. They will coordinate with you to set up an initial meet to assess your pet’s needs. Initial assessments for most services will take about 30 minutes and are free. Remedial play dates may take longer or even multiple sessions, depending on your dog, and some rates may apply. Please speak with a staff member to get more information. Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all initial meets will be conducted via video chat. Social distancing measures will be taken and CDC guidelines will be followed for subsequent interactions until further notice

  3. If your pet is approved, you will be added into our management software and asked to create a login. This will be where you can see report cards, request bookings, track walkers, and pay invoices.

We will work with you to develop a basic handling plan, or refer you to our training partner Supersonic Dog Training to develop a more advanced plan as needed. We can then implement the advanced plan and follow it for you! We will work together to create the best plan for your pet to thrive. You can trust that your pet’s needs will be accurately and compassionately met!

First Assessment

30 minutes


Our handlers will come to your home to meet and observe your pet’s behavioral needs. First meet is free, each subsequent visit incurs additional fees.

Basic Dog Walk

30 minutes


For dogs with minimal care and behavioral needs.

Structured Dog Walk

30 minutes


This service is for dogs needing advanced handling and behavioral needs including but not limited to dog reactivity, fear aggression, handling sensitivity, and more. Our handlers will follow or help establish (along with Supersonic Dog Training) a structured walk plan to help alleviate these behavioral needs.

Pet Sitting


80 per night

We offer overnight stays for your pets with basic needs and those who will need specialized care (pricing may vary depending on needs). We have experience caring for all kinds of pets, but specialize in dog and cat care. Basic overnight stays cover all the standard needs of your pet: Feeding, basic walks, and making sure your pets are receiving plenty of love and attention while you're away.

Specialized Pet Sitting


90 per night

Specialized overnight stays cover the basics and more. Including caring for pets with behavioral or medical needs. Our staff are experienced in giving oral, topical and subcutaneous (i.e. insulin injections) medications. Check out our structured walk section to see how we meet behavioral needs! We make sure to meet all your pets needs while you're away. When staying with your pet we ensure they get the best care we can offer. Our pet sitters have years of experience so you don't need to worry while you're away!

Daycare Shuttle

2 hours

55 +$18 per additional hour

Dog friendly dogs only. Nothing gets out a dog’s energy better than another dog! In lieu of walks, our handlers can take your dog social dog to a private, fenced in yard and give them some playtime with their furry friends. Up to 2 hours of play. Dogs must be dog and human social and have adequate recall. If your dog does not meet these criteria, consider our Remedial Dog Socialization courses.

Remedial Dog Socialization


55 +$27-$37 depending on severity of needs

ZoomieZoomz believes any dog can become dog social. With some time and expertise, we can teach your dog to speak dog again. There are unlimited benefits to dog socialization, including training benefits- dogs can teach each other things faster than a human ever could! This service is ideal for dogs turned away from boarding facilities or other trainers who say your dog will never be able to get within a certain amount of space to another dog. These courses require several meets as well as other dog participants.

Training Referral

For questions about how to set up a structured training program for your dog, please contact the best in the business, Supersonic Dog Training! Call them at 206-451-5829.

  • Our prices are subject to change upon assessment (difficulty of behavioral needs and/or travel time).