Our Mission

At ZoomieZoomz our goal is to put the leash back into the hands of doggy experts. Our team of dog handlers have the years of experience necessary to fully understand your dogs’ needs. From our basic walks to more advanced services ZoomieZoomz strives to empower your dog to be the best pup we know they can be!

About ZoomieZoomz

ZoomieZoomz handlers are experienced pet professionals. Through years of shelter experience we’ve worked with some of the most complex and undersocialized animals in the Seattle area. Our expertise means you don’t have to gamble with apps and services to know that your pet's needs will be understood and met.

We believe that all dogs should have the chance to be social with their own species. Our experts have the ability to assess your dog and find out where their social needs lie. This means that even if your dog has been kicked out of traditional daycare, or that someone has told you your dog can never be around another dog, we can help!

Our partnership with Supersonic Dog Training ensures consistent training plans as well as up to date and science backed behavioral knowledge. We're taking the guesswork out of knowing what your pet needs. Trust the professionals.

Meet our members

Brittany Bruce

Hi! I’m Brittany. I live in beautiful Bellevue with my Fiancé and my four dogs. I founded Zoomiezoomz because I saw a need in the community for dogs that don’t fit into the traditional mold. I have experience with all sorts of behavioral issues including resource guarding, reactivity, and more! I have extensive dog body language training with over six years of daycare and playgroup management experience. I firmly believe that the majority of dogs can be social when given the proper set up. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think your dog might benefit from having a playmate, even if you have been told in the past that your dog cannot make friends. As for fun, I am a big fan of doggy photo shoots!

Amanda Brown

Hello, I’m Amanda! I’m the manager of Zoomiezoomz. I have two rescue dogs of my own! My mission is to help as many dogs in need as I can. I’ve worked in animal shelters as well as daycares, and I have seen it all! My favorite thing to do with dogs is finding the perfect playmate and seeing that friendship bloom. For fun I like to hike with my dogs!